'Bildnis' is a still-life series of abstract self-portraits by Johnny-Mae Hauser about; the discovery of oneself through emotional memory and its connection to everyday objects. The series began to take shape in London, back in January 2021, where Hauser reexperienced feelings of invisibility. What started as a visual expression of the ineffable turned into a collection of blurred (still-life) photographs. It is in each of these photographs, that Hauser portrays a singular object as if she painted them from within. These never entirely sharpened images are a way for the artist to emphasise the sensitivity rooted in every single one of us, and may remind the viewer of some distant memory. It is also the task of blurring, to make inner images visible. To suggest a transition between reality and nothingness or some dreamlike in-between. With this, Hauser questions the medium of photography in its sharpness and invites the viewer to look beyond what we can or cannot see.

text: Noémi Szabó